Excuses for Women: Attempted Murder

It seems that just about anytime a woman does something wrong, no matter how bad it is, there will likely be a parade of excuse makers looking to defend her.

Quite often, when a woman commits a crime, the focus is on why she did it (an opening for excuses).  With male perpetrators, the focus is on what the punishment will be.

In this story, she attempted murder because she was abused.


Excuse:  Victim of abuse, mental health issues

Excuse maker(s):  Writer, commenters

Most commenters automatically believe the abuse story and have little sympathy for the victim.  They blame the justice system and the victim, not the perpetrator.

On a side note, MLive comment deletion strikes again for the one dissenting comment.

With this story about a male perpetrator and female victim, no mention is made of the motive for why he did it.


One commenter even asked “Why did he do it?”.

Most commenters call for, among other things, the death penalty.

Women Arrested for Assault, Cocky Smiles in Mugshots

Ashley England, Mary Jordan and Sammie Whaley have been arrested in Ohio after they allegedly assaulted a McDonald’s employee because she was working too slowly in serving them, police said.

According to the story, their children also participated in the attack.  The full story can be found here:

Booking Photos Show Women Smiling After Allegedly Assaulting McDonald’s Employee in Ohio

One can only guess at what they are smiling about, but it may be because they know there is a high likelihood that they will receive a light sentence, if they receive one at all.  Plus, at least a few people may be speaking up to make excuses for them, although that seems to happen more if they look sad and cry.

Hopefully these predictions will be wrong, though, and that a follow up to this story can be found when the cases unfold.

Judge’s Sentence Makes Some Unhappy

The latest outrage is a sentence handed down by a California judge:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A women’s advocacy group said it will turn in petitions Friday that urge a California agency to remove the judge who sentenced a former Stanford University swimmer to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

The organization, UltraViolet, said it collected more than 824,000 signatures and other groups gathered thousands more that they will deliver to the California Commission on Judicial Performance, the agency that investigates complaints of judicial misconduct and disciplines judges.

Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky has faced intense outcry after sentencing Brock Turner, 20, of Dayton, Ohio, last week to six months in jail and three years’ probation for assaulting the woman behind a campus dumpster in January 2015…

…Stanford University law professor Michele Dauber launched a campaign to remove Persky from the bench over what she calls a lenient sentence and plans to speak at a rally outside the commission Friday.

“His statements during the sentencing show that he does not understand sexual violence. He does not understand violence against women,” she told The Associated Press on Thursday. “And so we are going to recall him, and we’re going to replace him with someone who does.”

While I really cannot support this effort, due to the inherent sexism that comes with statements such as “violence against women” and involvement from women’s groups in general, if we are going to begin a crackdown on judges for handing down light sentences, may I suggest a few more.

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